To Infinity and Beyond!

With the Leonid meteor shower peeking on November 16th this year, do you plan on looking at the stars between looking at pages? It’s the perfect time to watch stars in the sky as well as travel the planets between pages.

My personal sci-fi nanowrimo expedition in going slow, but don’t despair! Others have forged paths of inspiration long before me. Who hasn’t heard of Star Trek, Dr. Who, or H.G. Wells? (Those links were for fictional characters living on Alderaan pre-explosion. i.e. you’d have to live on another planet to have missed the fore mentioned.)

In case you’ve missed a fun journey along your sci-fi trek, I’d like to recommend another Tanya Huff series; The Confederation Novels. Her ladies are always tough as nails, and this grouping is no exception. Kerr makes you want to stand at attention through the pages and love her for doing so. The intergalactic races and adventures are unique and I have a hunch that Huff may be a Trek fan based on the flow and style. Either way, I’m her fan of her delightful reads and charming smile.



About tashastorfer

Once upon a time Natasha Storfer graduated from Texas A&M's College of Engineering. After years of working within the limitations imposed by the laws of science, she turned to fiction as an outlet for imagination and creativity. Her writing includes the Mary Muckraker stories, co-authored with Becky Hogeland. "Fly Away" begins Mary's journey in The Final Twist's "Underground Texas" anthology and the story continues with "The Persistent Professor", found in "Deadly Diversions".
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